Hassan Shaabani

Founder, CEO and Consultant in Iran

Hassan Shaabani

Entrepreneur, Researcher and Consultant in Iran

Experience Portfolio

My Name is Sayyid Hassan Shaabani, I prefer to be called Hassan, and everyone knows me that way!

I'm a Founder & CEO of Eugène Photos.

I'm also a Partner at GRAMA True Ventures where I get to work with amazingly talented.

My interests in photography and technology is languages, technology, photography, design, entrepreneurship, travel, art, architecture and coffee.

I grew up in a tourist town and currently living in Iran. Since, l've lived in Salmanshahr (Motelghoo), Nour, Tehran, Rasht, Gorgan and Tabriz. I've worked a lot of jobs not listed on my resume including short stints as a webdesign & photoshop teacher, IT counselor, editor, freelance graphist & support director of web hosting to name a few. It's been an exciting journey so far!

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